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TIPs for 4WD tour:
- Prepare your winter coat, there could be windy.
- Reserve your food stuff and worm drink,
your breakfast ready soon you reach back to Hotel.
- I make This is the total price in one vehicle, exclude entrance  fare on accrual basis.

Nowadays it seems everyone wants to stay at the caldera rim. There is no need to really, because the Land Cruisers for the Bromo trip will pick you up from Sukapura for the same price.

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by blue_sky04

If you go to Mt. Bromo from Surabaya by bus, you will need to stop at the bus station in the city of Probolinggo before you take other local transportation to Ngadisari, where Mt. Bromo is.
However, I recently heard an unpleasant story from VTers who went to Mt. Bromo.
Instead of waiting until the bus arrives at the bus station, the bus conductor tells tourists to get off at one of the small travel agents located not very far from the bus station, which have a sign of "Information Center". Those travel agents are not the official information centers. Do not get off at any of those travel agents. that'a scam!

Unique Suggestions: These are what you can do to avoid the scam:

- Make sure you get off at the bus station, not at those travel agents.
- If you decide to get off at those travel agents, make sure you bargain for the prices they offer you.

According to the story I heard, the travel agents usually offer a package which includes the transportation from the travel agent to Mt. Bromo, the accomodation, the jeep ride to go around the national park including a ride to Mt Penanjakan to see the sunrise, and a walking trip around Mt Bromo area. Sometimes the travel agents also offer a return trip to Mt. Ijen (Ijen Crater) in Bondowoso, which is about 4 hours driving from Mt. Bromo.
Those things in the package are great, but the travel agents tend to overcharge visitors. So, don't forget to bargain!

The back door to Bromo:

by theo1006

It is a long drive from Malang to Bromo, but very scenic. We call this 'the back door to Bromo' because one approaches Bromo from the south, the saddle between Tengger caldera and Semeru volcano. This is also a preferred route for those who want to climb to the top of Semeru volcano, with Ranupani village in the saddle as base.

We made the trip to Ranupani in April, end of the rainy season, when Semeru volcano was still closed to hikers.

Once we passed Tumpang village (at 22 km) the road climbed steadily, through apple plantations, until we reached Gubukklakah (34 km). Beyond Gubukklakah we drove through forest, along a narrow the road surfaced with concrete blocks in good condition. A short distance after Gubukklakah one can walk to the waterfall Coban Pelangi, which we did on another day.

At 40 km from Malang we entered Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, and after another 5 km we passed through Ngadas village in the clouds. Soon the road reached the rim of Tengger caldera. With less clouds the view should have been better, but still it felt like driving through the sky. This part of the road was in urgent need of repair, only just passable with our Isuzu Panther.

At 48 km one has to choose. Left the road dives into the caldera and in a wide curve through the 'savana' around Mount Kursi it joins the track to Bromo from Ngadisari. We wanted to see Ranu Pani lake, so we kept going along the rim for a km more before the road descended to the saddle between Bromo and Semeru. It was altogether 55 km to the lake (counted from Tugu Circle). Villagers told us that the road from Malang connects via Senduro to Lumajang.

If you want to do this route without own transport, you might:
(1) take a minibus from Malang to Tumpang and another one to Gubukklakah. Then walk the remaining distance, 26 km to Bromo (count on 6 hours at least), 21 km to Ranu Pani.
(2) contact mr. Andre at Poncokusumo for a 4W-drive tour to Bromo and/or Ranupani. See next tip: Agrotourism Poncokusumo.
(3) order a 4W-drive Bromo and/or Ranupani tour at your hotel.
Price (January 2011):
The price for a Malang-Ranupani-Bromo-Cemorolawang trip seems to be fixed. Both Hotel Helios in Malang and Mr Andre ask Rp 900,000 per 4WD. Only if you come on your own to Poncokusumo and take the trip from there, Mr Andre charges Rp 800,000.

Climbing Semeru:
If you are interested in climbing Semeru (or another volcano in Indonesia), join the Java Lava club and browse their calender:

Getting to Mount Bromo from Jakarta...

by Astene Description: Online NowJul 31, 2013 at 2:45 AM

Hi. To add to what Theo has written, there are 3 modes of public transportation you can take to go to Bromo from Jakarta: airplane, train and bus.

1. Airplane: Many airlines fly from Jakarta to Surabaya (Garuda, Air Asia, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Citilink). One-way airfare ranges from Rp385,000 to Rp1,500,000. From Juanda Airport Surabaya you can take a taxi to the Bungurasih bus terminal (around Rp70,000). From there you can take the aircon bus (Patas AC) to Probolinggo bus terminal (Rp25,000), then take the ‘angkot’ to Ngadisari (Rp 25,000).

2. Train: You can take the BIMA executive train from Gambir station in Jakarta to Gubeng Station in

Surabaya. The train leaves Gambir at 5pm and arrives in Gubeng at 5:15am. Fare ranges from Rp.440,000-470,000.

For a cheaper alternative, you can take the non-aircon economy Gaya Baru train from Kota station to Gubeng station Surabaya. It leaves Kota at 11AM and arrives Gubeng almost 2AM. The fare is Rp 110,000 during the Eid holiday season or Rp 55,000 (normal rate during non-holiday season).

From Gubeng station in Surabaya, you can then take the Mutiara ‘bisnis’ train that goes to Banyuwangi (Rp70,000), get off in Probolinggo.

3. Bus: From Pulugadung Terminal, you can take the Jakarta-Bali bus (Rp250,000) and get off at Probolinggo bus terminal.

From Surabaya to Mount Bromo if you are taking a private vehicle, there are 4 routes you can take:
1. Surabaya-Malang-Tumpang-Jemplang-Mount Bromo
2. Surabaya-Pasuruan-Purwodadi-Wonokitri (Tosari)
3. Surabaya-Tongas-Sukapura-Ngadisari-Cemoro Lawang
4. Surabaya-Terminal Probolinggo-Sukapura-Ngadisari-Cemoro Lawang

From Cemoro Lawang, Tosari or Ngadisari you can rent a jeep (6-seater) that can take you to the Pananjakan viewing point for Rp300,000). You can share cost with the other tourists.

From Surabaya you may also opt to take a package tour. My most recent trip to Bromo from Surabaya I took a package tour. It costs Rp2,250,000 (maximum of 3 people), which included the transportation (Surabaya-Bromo-Surabaya), the jeep to Pananjakan for sunrise viewing, entrance ticket, snacks and mineral water. We left our hotel in Surabaya for Probolinggo at 12pm, arrived in Cemoro Lawang around 3am, then the jeep took us to Penanjakan viewing point. After viewing the sunrise, we went down to the sea of sand (lautan pasir). From the parking area to the stairs to the Bromo caldera you can either walk or ride a horse. We opted to ride the horse (this is not included in the package). I think we paid Rp 50,000 for the horse ride. but if you’re a foreigner sometimes they will quote you Rp150,000. We spent about 30 minutes on the caldera edge taking photos and by around 9am we are on our way back to Surabaya.

DIY: Traveling From Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo Independently

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Di pintu loket banyak sekumpulan orang yang bersiap menjadi pemandu, awalnya saya hendak jalan sendiri tetapi diarahkan untuk menggunakan pemandu karena jalan menuju air terjun sudah tidak terbentuk utuh dan akan beberapa kali menyeberangi sungai, akhirnya saya menerima tawaran tersebut tanpa terlebih dahulu menanyakan jasa tarifnya, dari sini awal kesalahan saya karena sepertinya saya kena "apes" untuk kategori dana.


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